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Basic Guide to Easy Calorie Counting – Meat, Fish and Eggs

In the second of this series I’m going to look at the main sources of animal protein: meat, fish and eggs. When you’re counting calories in these groups quite often the items come in ready prepared portions, for example, a steak, a chicken breast, or a fish fillet and it is easy to estimate the […]

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What Foods Should We Eat?

We hear a lot about what foods we should and shouldn’t eat from the media, some of which is backed up by reliable research, and some of which is not.  It can get very confusing trying to work out what one should and shouldn’t eat.   It doesn’t help that from time to time research […]

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Basic Guide to Easy Calorie Counting – Fruit and Vegetables

Do you want to know how many calories you’re eating? It can be a complicated game to play. When I first started counting calories it often involved pencil, paper, calculator and weighing scales, and it would take me a few minutes and some sums to calculate exactly how many calories I was eating. These days […]

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What do minerals actually do – Magnesium

The human body requires many different vitamins and minerals but apart from the general fact that they are good for you, I couldn’t tell you the specifics of more than a couple i.e. what biological function they fulfil and why we need them to keep healthy. So I thought I would do a bit of research […]

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Cereal bars – can they really be healthy?

I do enjoy cereal bars. They are a quick to eat, nicely packaged, portable breakfast or snack food. They don’t need to be kept cold, they have healthy ingredients, and easily slip into a pocket or handbag. But am I fooling myself that these products are healthy? Some instinct tells me that despite the cereals […]

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