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Basic Guide to Cholesterol

Cheap Tramadol From India What is cholesterol? Lipids are a group of naturally occurring compounds. Lipids you may have heard of are fats, sterols, and fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A. Lipids are responsible for energy storage, and the structure of cell membranes, among other things. Cholesterol is one of the compounds called sterols and is a fatty substance […]
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We need glucose for energy – so why not eat sugar?

Tramadol Online Fedex Next Day I have already talked about how the body breaks down the carbohydrates we eat into glucose molecules, and as we know, glucose is a type of sugar. The body then transports the glucose to its many cells where it is used as energy in carrying out bodily functions and movements. So the question that comes […]

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What does fibre do?

As we have discussed previously, carbohydrates are made up of chains of glucose molecules. When we digest carbohydrates, the body breaks down these chains back into their individual glucose molecules which are then used to provide energy for the body. Fibre is a carbohydrate, however, fibre does not get broken down into its individual glucose […]
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What exactly are carbohydrates? I’m not a nutritionist.  Or  a scientist.  I did the usual science lessons at school and I also took Food Technology (that means Home Economics…) and I have a vague notion of some of the scientific building blocks involved in food although I know at one stage I learnt a reasonable amount about them.  So […]
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Basic Guide to Easy Calorie Counting – Dairy Products

In the next post in this series I shall be looking at dairy products. Advice differs widely as to whether we should include dairy products in a healthy diet or not. At one point I remember a study which said eating low fat dairy can aid weight loss. On the other side of the coin it […]
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