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Is healthy eating normal behaviour? When you are making food choices its interesting to review the way other people make theirs.  I love watching what other people put in their trolleys at the supermarket, and what the person in front of me at a cafe chooses. I work in an office with at the most four other people around me […]

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Taking salad to work in the summer

Here in the UK a mini heatwave has descended. If you make lunch to take to work each day your normal sandwich may not seem very inviting in the hot weather. The obvious choice for a summer lunch is salad, but a couple of days of chopping stuff up in the evenings only to eat […]
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Breakfast in the office I almost always eat breakfast in the office.  I don’t really have time at home in the morning, and I catch a train to work so my early morning schedule is unforgiving.  I find it easier to get to work half an hour early and fit breakfast into that half an hour.  Plus if I […]
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Temptation in the office If you work in an office it can be difficult to control your food intake at times.  When I worked in a large office I spent a lot of time sitting down all day and I always used the lift, never the stairs.  There was an office biscuit box for everyone, and it was someone’s birthday […]

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