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Pan fried pork with apples and mustard A quick and easy weeknight recipe for boneless pork. Ingredients 1 tbsp olive oil 3 eating apples 500g pork fillet sliced into medallions 200ml chicken stock 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard 1 tbsp chopped sage leaves 2 tbsp half fat creme fraiche Method 1 Heat half the oil in a large frying pan. Core and cut […]

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Breakfast in the office I almost always eat breakfast in the office.  I don’t really have time at home in the morning, and I catch a train to work so my early morning schedule is unforgiving.  I find it easier to get to work half an hour early and fit breakfast into that half an hour.  Plus if I […]
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Apple flapjack crumble

Order Tramadol American Express I always keep an eye open for new apple recipes.  I get apples in my vegetable box almost every week, but I’m not really that keen on them raw.  I tend to do a lot of stewed apple, and also some apple crumbles, to use them up.  I came across the following recipe for apple […]

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Pan-Roasted Stilton Chicken with Apples

I’m always on the lookout for new recipes that use chicken breasts, so here is one I tried from Epicurious.  I chose this one because I also had a lot of apples in that needed eating up.  Now I only used half the quantities below because I was making it for two people. Ingredients (for […]

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