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Weight: a complicated equation The subject of weight loss is both emotive and complicated. On one hand we have people who belittle the issue and say, “It’s easy, just eat less and exercise more”, and on the other hand we see people who spend their whole lives on diets yet ultimately remain overweight. The first set of people are […]

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Are you drinking your calories?

If you are having trouble either losing or maintaining your weight, and you are either getting towards the end of your weight loss journey, or perhaps have hit a plateau, or maybe you just have a small build, its possible that you may have to be more careful with your calorie intake than other people. […]
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Basic Guide to Easy Calorie Counting – Dairy Products

In the next post in this series I shall be looking at dairy products. Advice differs widely as to whether we should include dairy products in a healthy diet or not. At one point I remember a study which said eating low fat dairy can aid weight loss. On the other side of the coin it […]
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Useful weight maintenance and weight loss tools

Order Tramadol Overnight Mastercard Its always helpful to have all the links you need in one place – so here is my handy list of links for all things weight maintenance and weight loss that you may like to refer to from time to time:   Food: calorie counters (American) (Australian site – better for UK foods […]

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Basic Guide to Easy Calorie Counting – Meat, Fish and Eggs In the second of this series I’m going to look at the main sources of animal protein: meat, fish and eggs. When you’re counting calories in these groups quite often the items come in ready prepared portions, for example, a steak, a chicken breast, or a fish fillet and it is easy to estimate the […]
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