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Do Christmas and healthy eating go together?

Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex Christmas is a tricky time of year if you are planning on either losing weight or maintaining it over the festive period. It’s not quite as bad for us in the UK as for our friends over the pond, because at least we don’t have Thanksgiving to contend with, and no-one forces us to eat […]

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How can I make my diet healthier?

We are bombarded on all sides with information about what foods we should and shouldn’t eat. If you browse the internet looking for nutrition guidelines you will probably just end up getting more confused the more research you do. The other week within a few days of each I came across two articles, one telling […]

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Realistic dieting expectations

 Photo: Paul Preacher I think that one of the reasons so many people fail to stick to a weight loss diet or fail to achieve their desired result is that their expectations are too high. On the other hand it’s possible to believe that its just too difficult to lose weight and that you are […]
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Which diet plan should I choose?

If you have decided to lose weight you now face a choice – what diet are you going to follow? The choice can be so overwhelming that it’s enough to make you decide you won’t bother! I do think that you can choose any diet you want to start with, and lose weight on it. […]

Was your diet a success? How do you tell if your diet was a success?  So many people end up being on a constant weight loss diet for most of their lives that it can be hard to get perspective and realize what you have achieved. I suggest that you have achieved success if any of the following apply: You […]

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