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Quick Tip: Leftover Mashed Potato Photo: Jonathan Ruchti, Switzerland If you have an unexpectedly large amount of potatoes, do not fear. In my opinion the best way to use them all up without wastage is to firstly make a large pan of mashed potatoes. Use a reasonable amount of salt, pepper, and butter when you are mashing them up.  Also […]
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Quick tip: mashed potato

Tramadol With Mastercard What’s the secret of making the best mashed potato?  It’s not the ingredients, its the tool that you use. Stop using a potato masher, and start using a potato ricer instead: Your mash will be instantly lighter, fluffier and smoother and you won’t ever find any lumps if you use a ricer for mashing potato. […]

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Vegetable box – is it worth it? I have a vegetable box delivered to my door every week.  I had been debating whether or not it was a good idea, when my neighbour opposite happened to pass us  a leaflet about a local lady who went to the farmers’ market every week, bought vegetables and delivered them in boxes – so I decided […]
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