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Quick tips: 15 Healthy Snacks So it’s nearly the end of January. All the Christmas chocolate and leftovers are gone. But is your new year’s resolution to eat healthily flagging? I personally am in need of snacking inspiration at this time of year, so that I don’t go back to the biscuit tin. I also want to try and avoid […]

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Happy New Year!

Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Cod Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a great Christmas, and are ready to start a New Year. Typically at this time of year people make resolutions about what they hope to achieve during the coming year. Typically most people don’t keep them either! At church on Sunday we had a talk about resolutions, […]

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Do Christmas and healthy eating go together?

Christmas is a tricky time of year if you are planning on either losing weight or maintaining it over the festive period. It’s not quite as bad for us in the UK as for our friends over the pond, because at least we don’t have Thanksgiving to contend with, and no-one forces us to eat […]
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Weight: a complicated equation

The subject of weight loss is both emotive and complicated. On one hand we have people who belittle the issue and say, “It’s easy, just eat less and exercise more”, and on the other hand we see people who spend their whole lives on diets yet ultimately remain overweight. The first set of people are […]

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How can I make my diet healthier? We are bombarded on all sides with information about what foods we should and shouldn’t eat. If you browse the internet looking for nutrition guidelines you will probably just end up getting more confused the more research you do. The other week within a few days of each I came across two articles, one telling […]

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