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Quick tips: 15 Healthy Snacks

So it’s nearly the end of January. All the Christmas chocolate and leftovers are gone. But is your new year’s resolution to eat healthily flagging? I personally am in need of snacking inspiration at this time of year, so that I don’t go back to the biscuit tin. I also want to try and avoid […]
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10 Quick Tips: How to minimise snacking • Out of sight out of mind – keep unhealthy snacks right at the back of a cupboard • Plan your daily snacks – don’t snack on impulse • If your other family members want snacks – buy ones that they like and you don’t like • Don’t eat from the packet – arrange your […]

Top 10: Healthy Supermarket Snacks

You’re out and about.  You might be food shopping, on your way home from work, or rushing to an appointment.  Hunger strikes.  The nearest source of food is a large supermarket. How can you navigate those aisles and come out with a quick and easy snack that is healthier than a chocolate bar or a […]

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How to stop eating when you’re not hungry!

Tramadol Online Pets I know perfectly well that you should only eat when you’re hungry. Unfortunately there is a part of my brain that thinks I should eat when I feel like it. It’s the same part responsible for “eyes bigger than stomach” syndrome – something else I suffer from regularly! So why do people eat when they’re […]
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Cereal bars – can they really be healthy? I do enjoy cereal bars. They are a quick to eat, nicely packaged, portable breakfast or snack food. They don’t need to be kept cold, they have healthy ingredients, and easily slip into a pocket or handbag. But am I fooling myself that these products are healthy? Some instinct tells me that despite the cereals […]

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