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Quick Tip: Hash Browns

For a lot of people here in the UK its the Easter holidays. It’s a shame that the weather hasn’t been very spring-like but there you go. Admittedly it hasn’t rained for a couple of weeks and today the sun is even out, however there is still an icy wind that really puts me off […]
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What’s the difference between puff pastry and rough puff pastry? I remember making pastry at school in home economics lessons. We were taught about four different types of pastry: shortcrust, puff, choux pastry and something else I can’t remember. We then made a recipe with each of them. I remember I made some reasonable profiteroles with choux pastry but I can’t recall how the rest […]

Quick tip: freezing chillis

Photo: Slavik Gormah Occasionally I dabble with growing fruit and veg. It didn’t take me long to figure out that for me it’s best kept as a hobby rather than trying to live off the fruits of my labour. I’m not a talented gardener and I’m also a fair weather gardener. I like pottering in […]

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Aluminium foil: making life easier

Aluminium foil is great for making life easier when you are cooking. When you roast a joint of meat, if you don’t need the juices, line the roasting tin with foil for easy cleaning afterwards . When you cook chicken pieces, especially ones that have been marinated, again line the baking sheet with foil for […]

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Help, my sauce is too thin!

Tramadol Cheapest Overnight Ever tried a recipe and had it come out with a watery sauce? This happens to me quite frequently and I’ve devised a number of methods to both rectify this on the spot and to improve the recipe next time. Rectification Add cornflour (cornstarch). Make sure you dissolve it in cold water before adding it. […]
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