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Are any breakfast cereals really healthy? I get Which? magazine – the consumer magazine that reviews all sorts of products independently – from electrical items to financial products to food. A while ago a little card came with the magazine to put in your handbag which has a summary of the levels of sugars, fat, saturates and salt which are the […]

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How much sugar should I eat?

Sugar is in so many of the foods we eat. It’s in the obvious foods like cake, chocolate and pastries, and it’s also hidden in many foods like ready meals and breakfast cereals. Sugar comes in many forms. Sucrose and glucose are types of sugar you will see on your chocolate wrappers. There is also […]
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We need glucose for energy – so why not eat sugar? I have already talked about how the body breaks down the carbohydrates we eat into glucose molecules, and as we know, glucose is a type of sugar. The body then transports the glucose to its many cells where it is used as energy in carrying out bodily functions and movements. So the question that comes […]
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