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Why is dark chocolate better than milk chocolate? If you go on almost any kind of diet, a recommended treat will be a square of dark chocolate. But what is the difference between a dark chocolate and milk chocolate – is it just milk, or is there something more to it? And why is dark chocolate said to be good for you, but […]
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Funny Fruit: Lychees I saw fresh lychees in the supermarket this week for the first time in a while, and remembered how nice they are, if a little on the odd side. I had a phase where I bought all the various unusual types of fruit and gave them a go, and lychees are probably one of the […]
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What’s in Lamb and Beef?

Tramadol 180 Tabs Online   Red meat tends to get quite a bad press because of the link with saturated fat which is demonised (perhaps unfairly) in the popular press. Many people trying to eat healthily probably try to eat lean poultry and fish as their main source of protein. However we shouldn’t forget that lamb and beef, and […]

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Reviewing Aunt Bessie’s Gravy While I was reading a magazine the other day the page with suggested products to try caught my eye. In particular this item: Aunt Bessie’s homestyle frozen gravy My standard everyday method of making gravy is pretty lazy. I take some Bisto¬†granules and add boiling water. That’s it. It’s not very special but it’s quick […]

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Chicken: what can you do with it?

Chicken is probably one of the cheapest meats you can buy today, depending on what cut you get. So I thought I would do a little summary of the various cuts you can buy and what you can do with them. Whole chicken Chicken is commonly bought as a whole bird. Your standard bird feeds […]

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