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What’s in Lamb and Beef?   Red meat tends to get quite a bad press because of the link with saturated fat which is demonised (perhaps unfairly) in the popular press. Many people trying to eat healthily probably try to eat lean poultry and fish as their main source of protein. However we shouldn’t forget that lamb and beef, and […]

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Chilli beef meatballs in tomato, white wine and romero pepper sauce

Today I’ve tried out another recipe with minced beef (ground beef).  This time it’s a recipe for meatballs.  I tend to avoid making burgers because they always seem to fall apart but I have more success with meatballs.  This recipe also used a new ingredient that I had never tried before – a Romero pepper. […]

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Minced Beef Curry I tend to buy quite a lot of lean minced beef (ground beef).  Its always on some kind of offer in the supermarket, and I rarely get tired of bolognese, lasagne or shepherd’s pie.  Every now and again though I fancy a change and go and hunt up a new minced beef recipe. So I […]

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