Was your diet a success?

How do you tell if your diet was a success?  So many people end up being on a constant weight loss diet for most of their lives that it can be hard to get perspective and realize what you have achieved.

I suggest that you have achieved success if any of the following apply:

  • You have lost 10% of your original body weight – even if you haven’t reached your goal weight.
  • Your BMI has moved from obese to overweight (over 30 to between 25-30), or from overweight to normal (between 25-30 to between 20-25).  Studies have shown that the BMI is not always a true reflection of health and that its possible for people in the overweight category to be healthier than those in the normal category.
  • You don’t exercise for a week, and you miss it and want to get back to it.
  • Last nights takeaway was a one off, the first one you’ve had in a while, and you’ve planned in a salad for lunch tomorrow.
  • Compared to your lowest diet weight you haven’t put back on more than half a stone.
  • You put on 5 pounds on holiday and decide that you have to put a stop to the weight creep now.
  • Since beginning your diet you have lost inches round your waist.  And if your waist measurement is below 35 inches, great, you are now at lower risk of heart disease.
  • You have been to the doctors and your cholesterol levels are within the healthy range.
  • You look in the mirror and can think of something positive to say about your body.

A successful diet isn’t about how many pounds the scales say you’ve lost.

Its about addressing your habits, your attitudes, and your general health.

Once you review your progress and realize that you’ve come a long way and that there’s no going back – you’re a success.  And the best thing is that the journey is just beginning and now you’re in a really positive place to keep up the good work and have a healthy future.

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  1. zaini Says:

    you are healthy if your sugar level, blood pressure level, cholesterol level and calories are in control. you should try to maintain health and not eat too much take care of your diet .do exercise with proper diet this can help you to reduce fats.

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