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Cajun Chicken Breasts Yet another quick and easy weeknight chicken breast meal.  This particular recipe is good if you are eating late in the evening, because the chicken requires marinading first, and then is quite quick to cook.  View the original recipe here.  I have as usual made a few amendments. Ingredients (serves 2): 2 boneless chicken breasts […]


Quick Chicken Chasseur

Yet another recipe that involves cooking chicken on a weeknight in a fairly speedy fashion.  Have a look at the original recipe on the BBC Good Food website.  Below is the recipe with my own adaptations.  Like one of the commenters I added some red wine, and I didn’t have garlic flavored tomatoes in so […]
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Chicken and Vegetable Pie Chicken pie is a great way to use up leftover meat from a roast chicken.  Its also a really comforting meal in the evenings when its cold outside.  If I make pie on a weeknight I normally serve it just with some steamed vegetables, no potatoes or anything, just to keep the calorie count down […]

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Red Thai Curry Paste

Order Tramadol Cod Only So thought it was a good idea to make a red thai curry.  You bought the jar of paste.  You followed the recipe on the back and made your curry.  Now you have three quarters of a jar of red thai curry paste left, and whilst you enjoyed the curry you don’t want another three […]

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Cheesy Bacon Chicken

Online Tramadol Prescription This is yet another recipe that uses chicken breasts. I tend to keep this one for holidays or special occasions as its quite high in calories! Ingredients (serves 2): 2 chicken breasts 6 strips of smoked streaky bacon 2 long rectangles of cheese, about half the length of a chicken breast, and about 1 cm […]
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