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Special occasions: indulgence or moderation? So you’re trying to lose weight, or you’re trying to eat healthily. Then you get an invitation. It might be lunch at a friend’s house, a restaurant trip for a birthday celebration, or just Christmas come round again. And you have that dilemma: should you eat what you want for one day, or should you […]

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Best Weight Loss Blogs

Buy Cheap Tramadol Cod If you are interested in checking out some great weight loss blogs then why not head over to Cranky Fitness and have a look at the results of Crabby’s latest poll – Best Weight Loss Blogs. Some of my favorite blogs have made the cut which is great.  I recommend checking out The Great Fitness […]

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Does intuitive eating really work?

Intuitive eating promises to hold the answers to dieting and weight maintenance.  In a nutshell you can learn to listen to the hunger signals your body gives you, and you will then eat when you are hungry, stop when you are full, eat exactly what your body tells you to eat, and enjoy everything you […]

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Secrets of a slim person

When I was overweight I assumed that most slim people were just lucky and that genetically they were naturally slim. I thought that if I was putting on weight as I got older, it was natural, and that I should just accept the way I was. It wasn’t until I had a go at cutting […]

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Useful weight maintenance and weight loss tools Its always helpful to have all the links you need in one place – so here is my handy list of links for all things weight maintenance and weight loss that you may like to refer to from time to time:   Food: calorie counters (American) (Australian site – better for UK foods […]
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