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What does fibre do? As we have discussed previously, carbohydrates are made up of chains of glucose molecules. When we digest carbohydrates, the body breaks down these chains back into their individual glucose molecules which are then used to provide energy for the body. Fibre is a carbohydrate, however, fibre does not get broken down into its individual glucose […]
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Budget produce: is it worth it?

I don’t buy that many items from the budget range in the supermarket these days.  I will often give them a go, but generally prefer the own brand or specific brand items.  In the past I have enjoyed budget fruit juice and budget chocolate chip cookies both of which I used to buy but don’t […]

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How to Eat a Fruit and Vegetable Rainbow I’m sure you’ve heard that to get all our vitamins and minerals we should ensure we are eating fruit and vegetables of many different colors.  So here’s my suggestion of a day’s food that includes all the colors of the rainbow in fruit and veg: Breakfast: Branflakes with greek yoghurt and chopped strawberries Photo: arki […]
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Basic Guide to Easy Calorie Counting – Fruit and Vegetables Do you want to know how many calories you’re eating? It can be a complicated game to play. When I first started counting calories it often involved pencil, paper, calculator and weighing scales, and it would take me a few minutes and some sums to calculate exactly how many calories I was eating. These days […]

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This year’s plum harvest This year in the UK we seem to have had a bumper plum harvest. Everywhere I go, work, church, friends’ houses, I am being bombarded with bags of plums to take home. This is a picture of my friend Gill’s plum tree in full fruit! So I will admit I haven’t been terribly enterprising with […]
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