How to Eat a Fruit and Vegetable Rainbow I’m sure you’ve heard that to get all our vitamins and minerals we should ensure we are eating fruit and vegetables of many different colors. ┬áSo here’s my suggestion of a day’s food that includes all the colors of the rainbow in fruit and veg: Breakfast:

Buy Soma Watson Brand Branflakes with greek yoghurt and chopped strawberries

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Photo: arki Snack: A banana

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Photo: ssbmf Lunch: Have a salad with your sandwich – include iceberg lettuce, and watercress for two different greens, as well as tomatoes, and sweetcorn kernels

Photo: sontran

Followed by a small bunch of purple grapes

Buy Diazepam Online London Snack: Celery and carrot sticks with hummus Dinner:

Chicken stir-fry including mange-tout and a bell pepper of any color Dessert:

Blueberries and icecream

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