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Easter Recipe Round-up

Want to try out a new recipe for Easter?  The links below are all great Easter ideas to have a go at.  Wishing everyone a happy and blessed Easter whatever you’re eating! Main meals and side dishes Roast lamb with rosemary Easter lamb with peas Roasted garlic mashed potatoes  Festive carrot ring Green beans with […]


Online shopping fun

I almost always get something wrong with the online shopping.  Normally its something to do with size – I order the wrong quantity or don’t read the packet size correctly.  It’s sometimes difficult to tell from the little pictures what size an item is if you are rushing. Anyway, today’s amusement was when I decided […]


Online food shopping – is it worth it?

All the major supermarkets in the UK offer an online shopping service.  I’ve been using online shopping myself for probably about 8 years now so I’ve had plenty of opportunity to weigh up the pros and cons. Advantages of online shopping: It saves time – it used to take me and my husband an entire […]


Is healthy food antisocial?

You will find that the majority of social events you attend will either revolve around food, or have a part of the event set aside for food.  If you are invited for dinner, or go out for a meal, or attend a party, there will be special food.  In your work environment you probably find […]

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Secrets of a slim person

When I was overweight I assumed that most slim people were just lucky and that genetically they were naturally slim. I thought that if I was putting on weight as I got older, it was natural, and that I should just accept the way I was. It wasn’t until I had a go at cutting […]

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