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I almost always get something wrong with the online shopping.  Normally its something to do with size – I order the wrong quantity or don’t read the packet size correctly.  It’s sometimes difficult to tell from the little pictures what size an item is if you are rushing.

Buy Ultram Tramadol Online Anyway, today’s amusement was when I decided to order some small bananas.  Sometimes bananas can be enormous, and I thought with small bananas they will be a better size.

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Buy Real Tramadol Online Just right hey?  Except it turns out they were mini bananas:

Tramadol Online Uk Reviews I wanted small, but that is ridiculous! The other thing that amused me was on a packet of biscuits I bought: That little blue oval in the top left says “now contains milk”.  Because of course that’s why I buy rubbishy unhealthy biscuits in the first place.  For the milk.  I think they are taking the healthy additives thing a bit too far!
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  1. Mum Says: I wonder if it was more of a warning for those who are lactose intolerant?!!
  2. admin Says: It’s possible I suppose. I thought it looked more like the Cadburys chocolate icon where it boasts about containing a glass and a half in each bar or something !

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  3. Online shopping Says:

    Online shopping is great, you can sit with a cup of tea and do all the shopping you want. There are so many things you can see when doing online shopping not to mention the reviews you can read before you buy.

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