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What’s the difference between bread, pastry, cake and biscuits?

It fascinates me that once upon a time someone worked out that if you pick ears of corn, squish them, keep the powder that’s left, mix it up with butter and water and other things, and put them in the fire, the result would be good to eat. So what’s the difference between the various […]

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All about olives

The first time I tried olives was in halls of residence as a student. The meals in halls tended to be a bit school dinnerish anyway, and I thought the olive was horrible. It was years later before I tried one again. I think I was probably offered them as an appetizer pre dinner once […]


Unusual Fruit – The Sharon Fruit

The Sharon fruit is my current favourite unusual fruit. It is a variety of the persimmon, and you will hear both names used.  The Sharon fruit is native to Israel, grown on the Sharon plains, but other varieties of persimmon come from Japan and the US.  They are a bright orange fruit with a dark […]

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Quick tips: extra special champagne

The wedding I was at last weekend reminded me how nice champagne is!  It’s not something I buy regularly, which I suspect is the case for most people, as it gets saved for special occasions.  Unless you are French, and then apparently you get to drink it every day! So if you are having a […]

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Spotlight on Blackberries

Blackberries are found widely across Europe and North America, and are common here in the UK.  They are the fruit of the bramble bush, which itself it generally considered to be unwelcome in gardens and either removed or extremely well trimmed back. Blackberries may be out already in certain parts of the U.S.A. but here […]