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How can I make my diet healthier?

We are bombarded on all sides with information about what foods we should and shouldn’t eat. If you browse the internet looking for nutrition guidelines you will probably just end up getting more confused the more research you do. The other week within a few days of each I came across two articles, one telling […]

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Realistic dieting expectations

 Photo: Paul Preacher I think that one of the reasons so many people fail to stick to a weight loss diet or fail to achieve their desired result is that their expectations are too high. On the other hand it’s possible to believe that its just too difficult to lose weight and that you are […]

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Health At Every Size

I seem to have been reading a lot about the concept of health at every size recently. This philosophy promotes the idea that regardless of your weight or size you can still be healthy, and that health should be your primary concern, not weight loss. Given that obesity levels are rising, and that most people […]

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What does fibre do?

As we have discussed previously, carbohydrates are made up of chains of glucose molecules. When we digest carbohydrates, the body breaks down these chains back into their individual glucose molecules which are then used to provide energy for the body. Fibre is a carbohydrate, however, fibre does not get broken down into its individual glucose […]

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Top 10: Healthy Supermarket Snacks

You’re out and about.  You might be food shopping, on your way home from work, or rushing to an appointment.  Hunger strikes.  The nearest source of food is a large supermarket. How can you navigate those aisles and come out with a quick and easy snack that is healthier than a chocolate bar or a […]

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