Top 10: Healthy Supermarket Snacks You’re out and about.  You might be food shopping, on your way home from work, or rushing to an appointment.  Hunger strikes.  The nearest source of food is a large supermarket. How can you navigate those aisles and come out with a quick and easy snack that is healthier than a chocolate bar or a bag of cookies?

This is a bug bear of mine as I sometimes need a snack on the way home and its so much easier to pick up an unhealthy one – so from trial and error here is my top ten healthy-ish snacks:
  1. Healthy bag of crisps or rice cake snacks – think ryvita minis or snack-a-jacks
  2. Pot of ready chopped fruit from the lunch section 
  3. Ambien Sale Online Fridge raiders
  4. Canada Ambien Order Cereal bar 
  5. Peperami – ok its processed and fatty, but at least it isn’t sugar
  6. Again in the lunch section – small pack of carrot sticks and hummus 
  7. Banana 
  8. Apple 
  9. Packet of cooked flavored prawns from the fish section 
  10. Mini bar of green & blacks dark chocolate from the confectionery section Buy Ambien Sleeping Pills Uk So next time you get a snack attack in the supermarket try and think healthy!

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