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Catering for your family’s food preferences If you live with anyone else and share meals you will come across the issue of one person not liking, or not being able to eat certain foods, when the other people can. This can make the task of cooking a healthy meal into an ordeal! I’m going to look at the issue of cooking […]
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Taking salad to work in the summer

Here in the UK a mini heatwave has descended. If you make lunch to take to work each day your normal sandwich may not seem very inviting in the hot weather. The obvious choice for a summer lunch is salad, but a couple of days of chopping stuff up in the evenings only to eat […]
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10 Quick Tips: How to minimise snacking • Out of sight out of mind – keep unhealthy snacks right at the back of a cupboard • Plan your daily snacks – don’t snack on impulse • If your other family members want snacks – buy ones that they like and you don’t like • Don’t eat from the packet – arrange your […]

What are your store cupboard staples?

We all keep a variety of items in our store cupboards that last quite a long time and get replenished on a regular basis so that they are always available.  If you are not sure what you should keep in your store cupboard it can be useful to see someone else’s list to give you […]
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How to Eat a Fruit and Vegetable Rainbow I’m sure you’ve heard that to get all our vitamins and minerals we should ensure we are eating fruit and vegetables of many different colors.  So here’s my suggestion of a day’s food that includes all the colors of the rainbow in fruit and veg: Breakfast: Branflakes with greek yoghurt and chopped strawberries Photo: arki […]

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