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Quick tips: should I wash raw chicken prior to cooking?

Order Tramadol Overnight Uk Photo: Nadia Jasmine (nadmental) The main reasons that people wash raw chicken (whole or pieces) are as follows: To remove dirt To remove debris like bone or feathers To remove blood To remove bacteria Because the recipe says so Because their Mum always washed the chicken Are any of these worthwhile reasons for washing chicken? […]

Quick Tips: Using a lemon squeezer

If you use the traditional small glass hand held lemon squeezer pictured above here is a useful tip. When using the juicer stand it on a small saucer. Otherwise, after your first squeeze, you tip the juice into something and resume squeezing, and a drip of juice always runs off the spout down the outside […]

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Choosing kitchen knives

When you choose a kitchen knife, the following are things to look out for to ensure you get a really good quality knife that will last a long time:  Good quality handle – a cheap plastic handle will not last very long, and may discolour and be prone to nicks or even snapping off.  Rivets […]

Low Fat Grilling Machine – is it worth it?

Tramadol Buy Usa You probably recognise the low fat grilling machine above, and you may well have something similar yourself.  There are many  types available now, from the original George Foreman, to the above Jamie Oliver, to more panini or griddle style machines.  So the question is, are these machines just another faddy kitchen gadget or are they […]
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Quick tip: mashed potato

What’s the secret of making the best mashed potato?  It’s not the ingredients, its the tool that you use. Stop using a potato masher, and start using a potato ricer instead: Your mash will be instantly lighter, fluffier and smoother and you won’t ever find any lumps if you use a ricer for mashing potato. […]

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