What to eat at weddings!

This weekend was the occasion of my brother’s wedding.  So instead of my regular post I’m going to share what I had to eat at the wedding, as I haven’t had much time for writing over the weekend!  The wedding was lovely, and no mishaps despite being on Friday 13th!  It did rain a lot, but to be honest it’s been raining in the UK since Easter so they would have had hard work picking a day without rain anyway.


https://space1026.com/2024/01/rv0lfvk2i88 The wedding reception was at the Riverside Hotel in Branston, in Staffordshire, and was a lovely venue.  It was a shame we couldn’t get many pictures outside – I’m sure the river would have looked lovely in the sunshine!

https://modaypadel.com/n6oq0qt1203 The meal was along the “posh pub” lines, and very tasty it was too.


https://www.prehistoricsoul.com/584yarg We started with a creamy tomato and basil soup:

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Buy Msj Valium Pill Followed by an ENORMOUS piece of steak pie.  Mind you some of my brothers friends are big lads, so it was probably a good choice!   There was an alternative of roast turkey for those who wanted it.

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And for dessert there was a baked cheesecake with blackcurrant sauce:


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Then there was plenty of good stuff to drink:




https://masterfacilitator.com/o4rntsu2 And then the wedding cake, which was lots of little cupcakes, made by the bride’s sister.  They were chocolate, carrot and lemon flavour.  I had a lemon one, but by then I was really stuffed so I took my cake home to eat the next day:



https://therepairstore.ca/6sfjq2x2n Of course it wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the happy couple!  This is my brother Alan, and his new wife Liz, taken in the brief half hour interlude of no rain:

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And I thought I’d better stick one of me on as well, with my brother:


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Buy Actavis Valium Online So there you go, a busy weekend was had by all here.  Did I follow any of the “how to eat on social occasions” rules at the wedding?  Nope, I ate and drank everything, except for the aforementioned cupcake which I had the next day.  Your little bro only gets married once!  Hope you all had a great weekend, and normal service will resume on Live For Food later this week!



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