Top Ten Cat Treats I have two cats – I’m surprised I haven’t managed to get them into more posts already, as they are my furry babies.  Here they are, playing in the garden.  Anushka is the white tortie, and Rafferty is the black and white.

We had them as 8 week old kittens, and they are now over 2 years old, so I have learnt quite a bit about cat food and nutrition over the last couple of years.

However, just like humans, no diet is complete without a treat.  Not all treats are good for you, but a tiny treat every now and again never hurts.  The cats certainly enjoy a naughty nibble.  Here are their top ten favourites in no particular order:

1. Dreamies

Dreamies are pretty much the only cat treat on the market suitable for kittens, so we bought these as the first treat they ever had.  At first, as it says on the packet, they came running when we shook the packet!  They are still a big favourite, and come in about 5 different flavours.  You can get these in any supermarket. 2. Toothies

Toothies are one of those treats that are meant to be good for your cat.  They are meant to clean your cats teeth as he chews them.  They are basically big pieces of cat kibble, but ours enjoy them a lot.  I have only seen these available from Zooplus, which is where we buy cat food in bulk from.

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These sticks are like long soft pieces of meat.  Rafferty can get one down in 9 seconds flat.  Anushka just bats them around and then Raff steals it off her. You can get these in any supermarket. 4. Chicklets 

These are more like jerky, dried flat pieces of meat.  Apparently they are very tasty though.  You need to be a cat with strong teeth to enjoy these properly.  Again, these are available from Zooplus. 5. Wiltshire smoked ham

This is Anushka’s favourite.  Yes, this particular brand.  Not that she’s picky. We don’t give them too much ham as it’s a bit salty and sometimes processed, but she loves a little nibble.

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Roast chicken was something we originally gave the cats as a bland food to sort out a tummy problem.  However, they do love a bit of roast chicken when I cook one for us.  When I strip the carcass I have to shut the kitchen door or they will be in there trying to help out. 7. Roast beef

They also love a bit of roast beef.  They are such little carnivores!  I did a pot roast in Guiness the other day and some nibbles of that went down a treat with them quite surprisingly. 

8. Smoked Austrian cheese

You should be careful when feeding cats dairy – a certain proportion are lactose intolerant, and for those cats you can buy special lactose free cat milk. Ours however don’t have a problem with it.  Their favourite cheeses are the soft creamy types, and the smoked Austrian is the current number one. 

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A small teaspoon of Greek yoghurt is a bit favourite with Anushka.  She’s not so keen on the low fat version though.

10. Milk

Again, it’s Anushka who likes the dairy, and she likes a little drop of milk in the mornings in between her runabouts outside.  Don’t forget, your cat should be drinking water as the liquid of choice, milk should only be a little treat occasionally. 

Please remember that you should only feed cat small treats in moderation as part of a balanced diet!  An overweight pet is an unhappy pet.


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