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How do you get your 5 a day? As most of us know, “5 a day” refers to the well publicized government campaign that we should all eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day as part of a healthy diet. The intention behind this campaign was to simply get us all eating more fresh produce. A portion of fruit is one […]
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Catering for your family’s food preferences

If you live with anyone else and share meals you will come across the issue of one person not liking, or not being able to eat certain foods, when the other people can. This can make the task of cooking a healthy meal into an ordeal! I’m going to look at the issue of cooking […]

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Taking salad to work in the summer

Here in the UK a mini heatwave has descended. If you make lunch to take to work each day your normal sandwich may not seem very inviting in the hot weather. The obvious choice for a summer lunch is salad, but a couple of days of chopping stuff up in the evenings only to eat […]

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What does fibre do? As we have discussed previously, carbohydrates are made up of chains of glucose molecules. When we digest carbohydrates, the body breaks down these chains back into their individual glucose molecules which are then used to provide energy for the body. Fibre is a carbohydrate, however, fibre does not get broken down into its individual glucose […]

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Budget produce: is it worth it?

I don’t buy that many items from the budget range in the supermarket these days.  I will often give them a go, but generally prefer the own brand or specific brand items.  In the past I have enjoyed budget fruit juice and budget chocolate chip cookies both of which I used to buy but don’t […]

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